Future Factory – online

2020-06-24 kl. 11:00 – 2020-06-25 kl. 17:00

Print4All Conference
Print4All Conference marks the evolution of the entire Communication and Graphic industry: it’s the event that allows manufacturers, converters/printers, influencers, brand owners and all the players within the supply chain to meet up with one another. This series of events saw its starting point during Expo 2015 and it has since become an amazing dialogue opportunity for the converting, package printing and labelling industry.

Print4All Conference 2020 Future Factory will lead us straight to the next Print4All edition, part of The Innovation Alliance, the event that combines five trade fairs, each one leader in its specific supply chain area.

Theme – Printing the future, now
Future Factory. The name for the 2020 edition of the Print4All Conference perfectly represented the essence of the challenges we must face today: Sustainability and Industry 4.0.
In the meantime, however, an unexpected future has put the world in front of a difficult scenario, which needs to be faced with a sound mind and positive energy.
And so we did. Today we continue our journey on a different path, using the technology of streaming.

We must work together thinking about the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution in order to build new future chances for the whole Industry.
Even in streaming, Future Factory is going to be the perfect opportunity to raise questions on Innovation towards Sustainability, and, at the same time, exchange knowledge and experiences on the printing and converting world.

Throughout different visions, international experts will offer engaging insights on possible future scenarios in which innovation, technology and human knowledge contribute to a better management of the industrial processes, promoting a much-needed environmental approach.
Print4All Conference Future Factory: together today for tomorrow’s future.