En onlinekaffe med Fespa

En onlinekaffe med Fespa


Fespa startar den 20 oktober sin satsning med kaffepaus-webinarier.
Satsningen startar klockan 11 i London (kl. 12 svensk tid) och innehåller paneldiskussioner med branschexperter, som kommer tala om ämnen som automation, kvalitetssäkring och hållbarhet.

Dessutom skriver Fespa, i sin inbjudan, följande;
In FESPA’s first Coffee Break, we will cover Process Control – how to set up effective colour workflows to save money! We will touch on how to improve your process controlled workflow, how to improve viewing conditions, the importance of device profiles, print quality assessment and validation, and more.

Hosted by FESPA’s Technical Support Manager, Graeme Richardson-Locke, the webinars will last approximately 30-40 minutes, so make sure you take advantage of these quick sessions where you will have the chance to ask questions relating to your business situation at the end of each webinar. Don’t miss out – reserve your space now!

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